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November 26,2010

History of long pearls

When we think of shining glory of fascinating jewelry, the mind will not help appears smooth shine of pearls. The so-called “jewels", in addition to including a variety of different stones, the precious pearl can not still missing. The importance of pearls, a long history. Legend has 5,000 years of history of pearls in China, the earliest records of Confucius; said, and freshwater pearls as precious gifts, from the beginning in 2206 BC; in the Persian area, BC In 2000, wholesale beads remains; Egypt and the Greeks in 330 BC has been decorated with pearls to do; Alexander down the Persian army after returning from India, also brought back a lot of pearls.

Stories in the history of Rome, also mentioned the most popular Pearl Jewellery for the nobility. Some Roman women to wear more 24 hours, will make people's health and wealth. In European history, a period called the “Pearl Time", reflects a love for the pearl. During the Crusades, Europeans from the East brought back a lot of pearls, pearl started the boom in Europe, the next few centuries were nobles, warriors, etc. for personal accessories. Later, it became a royal pearl exclusive gem. In 1612, in Saxony also announced a law banning the aristocracy, professionals and civilians wearing pearls, only the imperial family can have this privilege. Queen Elizabeth I is also very fond of pearls, her dress and hair are often pearl foil, like the books as evidence.

After Columbus discovered the New World early, some writers see the beading inside the cottage description, quantity to 2 gallons. An Indiana described by their temple, said to be useful pearls for decoration; the mound in the United States, Ohio, to uncover a large number of freshwater pearls, confirmed when the indians were already know how to use Pearl as a necklace, hair and copper sculptures the decoration. The natives believe that pearls have high status, so even simulated materials are present.

Our reading of Chinese history, the book often has referred to as a tribute dedicated to the emperor with pearls, ministers, wives and so on. Precious pearl extent, Chinese people should be very clear, because it is very well known since ancient times.

Pearl and other precious stones is different from that without going through pondering, is already a pretty eye-catching accessories, which is its uniqueness. Ancient people believed pearls to cure thyroid virus, in order to bring the wearer good luck, lucky pearl birth to 6 months of precious stones, also represents the second anniversary of wedding jewelry, a symbol of happiness. Diamond is the king of precious stones (King of Gems), wholesale beads is the gem of the Queen (Queen of Gems), the former feel cold (because it is the minerals), which is warm (because pearls are organic objects) to represent the intelligence and love, No other jewelry can be compared with it.

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Author: Herry Huang

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