Selling A House Fast In A Deppressed Market - Sell Your House

Author: Walt Messer | Posted in: Real Estate

February 24,2015

Once you decide to sell your house, speed is very necessary. The speed with which you sell is determined by several factors.
These tips will be helpful in selling your house fast even in a bad real estate market.

To sell your house fast, you must prepare your house for the market. The following points are a good check list of the things to pay attention to:

1) Price
Of course, price is the first thing people look at before they come look at t your house. If the price is lower than similar houses in the neighborhood, people notice it more than other houses.

Your house will lose market appeal if it has been on the market more than 3 weeks.

Detach yourself emotionally from the house when setting the price tag. What you paid for it is not important; people look for the current value of similar houses in the neighborhood.

If you can price the house lower than similar houses in the Sidney Ohio, go for it!

A Realtor could help in helping you price your house competitively in the market. You should look at your house more like a home buyer, instead of looking at it like a seller. Highlight all amenities - location, size and other factors that make it more appealing than other similar houses. If you were looking to buy a house in this Sidney Ohio, would you buy it at the price with the amenities it has?

2) Physical condition of the house
What is the first impression you get when you look at it from the outside? Would it do with some TLC?

When they step through the door, are the smell and atmosphere welcoming to them? Would this be your dream house if you were looking for a house?

Do not spend too much money fixing it up or you cannot price it competitively.

Do not go beyond minor cleaning up and touch-ups.

3) What if have a high mortgage balance or it needs repairs?
Sometimes it needs repairs or the mortgage balance it too high.

In such a case, it may be necessary to talk to real estate investors who buy and sell houses in your local market.

Most real estate investors can buy your house even if it needs repairs or the mortgage balance is too high.

A real estate investor can let you know if they can buy your house in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Usually they will make you an offer and are open to discuss all numbers and terms of the sale with no obligations.

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Author: Walt Messer

Walt Messer has seen many people buy and sell their houses using creative techniques. To further expand your knowledge in real estate and how to sell your house fast, please visit

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