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September 24,2014

As the world recovers from its recent economic down fall, job openings in Nigeria are seeing some major up-shifts. This is mainly due to private investors who are looking to Nigeria’s market as the next major business surgical. And analysts believe that if this growth continues, then Nigeria is all set for rapid expansion – business vice, as more and more untapped potential are being explored. The coming decade seems to be one of Nigeria’s most interesting business chapters. All population about the age of 25 will be the nation’s drive force, determining the direction the country will be heading towards. For that direction to be a path of riches and wealth, the aspiring students and would-be professionals need to choose their career path wisely. Here are few career prospects that our experts have analyzed to be the most lucrative. 1. Investment Bankers The function of an investment banker is to help individuals, businesses or governments raise their capital. This is done by functioning as the client’s agent and issuing or selling securities for them. Be it private or public sector, you will be working to improve both the equity and debt markets along with providing advisory services on acquisitions, mergers and other related financial transactions. As with anything that promises to increase funding, the demand for such person is always present – in high numbers. You can expect jobs in Banks, Hedge Funds, Investment Advisories, Asset Management and Consultations, etc. Nigeria is not an exception, the demand here is so high that an experienced investment can expect on the upwards of N11 million as annual payment. 2. Airline Pilots The airline industry may have seen it’s down times, but recent growth to its number of routes and its international schedules have brought this field back on the runway in Nigeria – along with which the demand for pilots as well. An experienced pilot with quite a good amount of flight hours behind them, can expect an annual payment of N10 million and above. 3. Telecom/IT Engineers (Programmers & Ethical Hackers) As Nigeria edges towards modernization/globalization, telecom and IT are starting to play their part, and they are playing it strong. Over 90% of the population are already on their mobile phones and (or) using the internet on par with their other everyday activities. This has exploded the demands for new and potent telecom engineers and IT engineers across Nigeria. The responsibilities of a telecom engineer would be to design and develop the complex communication networks and infrastructure, while that of an IT engineer would be to develop newer software programs and design better and faster hardware components. Equally important, however rarely pursued, is Ethical Hacking, where skilled programmers experienced in PHP, Java, JavaScript and JQuery are greatly sought after by cyber security branches of various private and government organizations. An experienced professional in these fields can expect an annual payment of about N8 million. 4. Petroleum/Chemical (Oil and Gas) Industry The oil and gas industry is seeing an explosion of growth in recent years, as newer deposits have been discovered within the continent. With that, Africa is starting to play a good part in petroleum production and supply on the global scale. This has lead to greater demands for engineers on petroleum, chemical and related fields. Also, working for industries controlling these scarce natural resources, can inevitably lead to a lucrative annual pay, which crosses the N8 Million margin for experienced workers, however this is expected to go up in the coming years. 5. Physicians Physicians in general occupy a higher status in any society, and are one of the highly paid professionals around the globe. With the population of Africa having least amount of exposure to medical facilities in comparison with that of other nations worldwide, the demands for trained and devoted physicians are beyond contrast here. Hence, for someone looking to enter into a physician’s line of profession, this is an apt time – especially within the scopes of anesthesiologists, gynecologists, obstetricians, pediatricians, emergency room doctors or dentists. Experienced professionals can easily expect an upward income of N8 million and more. 6. Business/Project Managers Be it a large business or a small project, everyone knows the importance of a manager. The person responsible for making sure that everything is in working order and that all deadlines are met. There is never a shortage of demand for fine managers or professionals from good business colleges. As an experienced management professional, you can expect an annual payment of N6 million and above. These career paths show the most lucrative of advantages over numerous others, for the next couple of decades and even beyond. To look for various available job openings, check out Read More:

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Author: jobfastng

It’s a bright future for job seekers in Nigeria. We have analyzed and listed out some of the most lucrative career prospects now available in Nigeria.

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