How does social media help you in finding the right jobs?

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September 11,2014

Social Networking – Job Portal? Social networking sites are playing a vital role in changing the ways people search for new job openings in recent times. As more and more have began to start preferring the internet over other traditional sources for finding new jobs, the job providers too are following suit. In fact a study on this shift of trend shows that for the past couple of years the recruiters preferring to find candidates over the internet have increased drastically. More than a quarter of the population is being recruited this way. This is because recruiters are able to find nifty and most apt candidates through these social media than through other sources. Everyone wants to employ the perfect candidate for their respective positions. However, find them was the issue until now. To people looking for new or better job opportunities, finding companies of all grades from great to small have also become convenient. Because following the trend, all organizations too have become aware of the tremendous possibilities and are hence advertising their open positions on the web. Also, being connect via the web, the recruitment possibilities extend beyond your local premises to across globally levels. Moreover, the growth of social media’s influence in the coming future only seems more imminent. Let’s have a look at some of the common networking sites that effectively perform as a recruitment portal. • Facebook Facebook is the largest social media network on the web at the moment is where people from all factors of life and from all parts of the world get to meet each other without much ado. Thus, the possibility of interacting with other likeminded people has never been this easy before. You can follow these various groups, with the click of a button and interact with them irrespective of any hierarchy or order. Ultimately gaining exposure in the field and getting in touch with important or influential personalities. Do yourself a great favor “career vise” now, and join a group. Most companies if not all, are obviously striving to make their presence known socially, hence, have active facebook pages that detail all their happening events on the web. From news on recent expansions to availability of new opening, which you can use to your advantage. All you have to do is, “Like” their page. This will grant you an in-depth look into the organization. Another important thing you will have to do is set your account’s privacy accordingly. To make sure that your professional details are available for public viewing, such that any likely recruiter will have access to it without any curb. With the implementation of “professional skills” section, facebook has made this possibility even more practical. An effective alternative to the Resumes – as it hold all the details of your work history. • LinkedIn Facebook may be an effective social networking site that is used for recruitment purposes. But, LinkedIn on the other hand is specifically designed and developed for that purpose in mind, to be an exclusive professional networking site. This is a place where people from all over the world, share this professional detail in. From their previous work experiences to their latest achievements and such. This has hence become one of the best places to find new job opportunities or candidates. One of the obvious details that you will be uploading to the LinkedIn pages will be a thorough description of your work history. This serves the primary purpose of getting connected with LinkedIn, which is to get in touch with people of the same career and group. As people share all their work details in detail and as authentically as possible, LinkedIn provides an in-depth look into the career life and lifestyle of any person. Thus, the “Job Board” option provided by them serves as a great recruitment portal for business and organizations. By sharing articles and content related to your works, you can get endorsements and gain popularity. Which, obviously will serve as a boon for your recruitment – as people will have clear idea on your experience, knowledge and quality. • Twitter Twitter, which can be considered as a micro-blogging site, is one of the best places to find new job opportunities. While the above two websites worked as a place where you can promote your skills and services accordingly. Twitter is the place where you have many users posting about new job opening! Thus, keeping yourself engaged in twitter and following these members, will grant you great opportunities for the perfect job profile. Thanks to the “Hashtags” and the search filter available, you can find the right list and carry on from there. Conclusion When used rightly, these mentioned and other related social networking sites can serve as your perfect job portal, apart from being your day to day recreational bundles.

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Author: jobfastng

Social media is the next big step towards global networking and a perfect solution for job seekers all over. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter leading the way!

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