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July 03,2013

Any material or surface comprising fibers made by weaving, knitting, crocheting or pressing together fibers (felting) is called a textile. Different textiles can be created by altering any of these techniques or creating a new technique altogether. We change the surface of a textile by dyeing, printing, texturing or embroidering.

A textile designer is someone who designs patterns for knitted or woven textiles and fabrics. Textile designers will create decorative designs for a variety of products, including clothing, towels, furniture, carpeting, paper-based products, and accessories. Textile designers will have to learn to work with a variety of different materials and fabrics used in textile design. India has rich heritage of traditional and varied textiles which gives inspiration to the students to develop and play with the motif, fabric and color. Textile designing is gaining much popularity in India particularly among youngsters, due to huge demand of Indian textile both in domestic and foreign markets. Those with creative ingenuity and technical skills generally opt for the textile design course The textile graduates get an opportunity to explore the fields of fashion, textile and interiors and crafts. All of these follow fashion in various ways. The things which give different shades or looks to our house or office such as curtains, window shades and carpets even the bed covers change according to the current fashion. Even the bags and baskets have impression of fashion to the large extent. Textile design as an important part of fashion industry. As a creative career option it offers all one wants glamour, money and popularity. Day by day textile design courses are gaining much popularity in India particularly among young people. It is because demands of Indian textile are on high both in domestic and foreign markets.india has a rich heritage of textiles and a strong manufacturing base of both handloom sector co-existing with the highly mechanized mill sector and the decentralized power- loom sector. The industry is also receiving global recognition with many international designers now sourcing fabric from India. The Fashion: Textile Design Program is designed to provide a theoretical and practical knowledge of knitted and printed textiles. The curriculum encompasses techniques including repeat pattern design, textile color theory, painting, print and dye processes and computer assisted design for knitted and printed textiles. The hands-on approaches to working with cloth combined with current technological advances enable you to experience a creative and practical education in textile design that fits the needs of industry and freelance design as well as contemporary studio practice. Textile designers have the specialist skills to make decisions about color, structure, surface texture and pattern, weight and yarn, fabric composition and appropriate methods of manufacture.

Great textile design combines imagination, creativity and an understanding of technical considerations. At lisaa, you’ll learn what it takes to design exciting new fabrics for fashion, interiors, artefacts, or one-off pieces for display and exhibition.

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Author: vikas gupta

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