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June 28,2013

One of the most important aspects of wedding photography is the orchestration of light. Masters of artistic photography, A Day of Bliss continues to garner the esteem of an international audience through ingenious storytelling and the subtle manipulation of light and shade.
There’s one phrase every bride likes to hear on her wedding day: “You’re absolutely glowing.” So many times it’s completely true - the smile on her face simply lights up the room. The effect is electrifying.

This is because there’s nothing more beautiful than a bride, dressed in white, walking down the aisle, all eyes on her. In turn, her eyes will undoubtedly be on him - the man she’s about to agree to spend the rest of her life with. No matter how similar two wedding ceremonies may be in form, this first connection between two people in love on this so very special day, is unlike anything else in the world. Every relationship is unique, and the details which make it so deserve the utmost attention.

As a wedding photographer, capturing the beauty of these fleeting, incredible moments becomes a personal mission. The best ones become obsessive about details, passionate about not only capturing a single perfect shot, but a complete sequence of shots that tell an entire story. And this is only the beginning.

Once a wedding photographer embraces the aspect of storytelling, he begins to establish a style, setting himself apart as a photojournalist. One of the ways to do this is the incorporation and manipulation of light, crafting it so that the subjects are enhanced by it, so that the images come alive.

The difference between a good wedding photographer and a great one is how well they speak the language of light. It’s not only a side by side comparison of images that will express this disparity, but a cross-comparison of an entire corpus of work that determines the quality. Another difference is the perpetual willingness to exceed standards, and to produce a body of work that’s striking and continually impressive.

Decades of experience juxtaposed with a fluency in the language of light are what sets Wolfgang Freithof’s unique talent for wedding photojournalism apart. His ability to tell stories through his images - illustrious photographs that capture the essence of an event and elegantly touch upon the subtle emotions which occur during a wedding ceremony - have made him one of the most trusted wedding photographers in New York City and the world.

Many years from now, when you’re looking over your wedding album, the images should bring to mind the emotional sweep of the day - the rustle of the bouquet as you moved down the aisle, the sound of his voice when he said “I Do,” and the joy you felt while surrounded by the people who love you. With A Day of Bliss Wedding Photography, you can be certain that all of these beautiful moments are not only captured, but recorded in a way that catches the subtleties often overlooked - elements you’ll remember with fondness for the rest of your life.

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Author: adayofbliss

Internationally renowned photographer brings his unique talent to wedding photo journalism in New York and the world. Professional photojournalism to make every wedding story an unforgettable event.
[Wolfgang Freithof, A Day of Bliss Wedding Photography. wolfgang@wfx.net, 212.724.1790.]
Visit http://www.adayofbliss.com for exceptional samples.

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