Techniques That Will Help You Become A Superior Photographer

Author: Patricia Warren | Posted in: Photography

April 25,2013

You have to get a really good portfolio of photographs to build a reputation in the field of photography. Follow these points and you should start to see the standard of your work greatly improve!

Do not dawdle when taking your shot. You will not know if that chance will ever occur to you again, so get the shot! Life will not wait for you to take a picture, animals run off, children grow bored, and candid moments rarely ever repeat themselves. Do not let changing the settings make you miss out on a wonderful shot.

In case you are a landscape shooter think about purchasing a top quality, solid tripod. Tripods, obviously, are there to steady the camera equipment. Tripods are very useful if you are operating in low light scenarios. If you plan to take self-portraits or use your camera's timer, a tripod will be particularly helpful.

It's important that you practice with your camera flash extensively in order that you completely grasp its practical range. If you're unsure about the range that the flash will cover, the subject of your picture could appear too dark. Take a couple of test photos to gauge how the flash will perform.

Especially if you do not have much experience with photography, or if you have purchased an SLR camera, you should find out all there is to know about the field. You may find it valuable to experiment with the numerous setting before you begin taking serious photos.

No one says you can not move around your subject to seek an interesting shot. Try getting shots of the subject from all around it, such as above it or below it and so on.

Generally, only one shot in 20 is satisfactory artistically, but you should not throw the other nineteen away. Keeping a full portfolio of both your successes and failures will make things easy for you to determine your strengths and weak spots.

Photography is all about the direction, pattern and quality of light, so discover as much as you can about this subject. Try playing with the settings before you go and take the shot, you will then understand how it will vary.

Get up close and personal with the subject of your photo. This aids the subject envelop the entire screen. This works perfectly if your subject is a non-living object. If you have a zoom lens, play around with the framing and focal length of the image.

Attempt to have frames in each of the shots you take. Framing a shot does not refer to a physical frame, but a way of setting up your photos. Use natural elements in your background to frame the subject of your picture. This will develop your composition skills.

Read the guidebook for your camera. Guidebooks are generally thick and heavy. Most of the time they get thrown away or put away and forgotten. You must take time to review the manual or else you could break the camera or get frustrated with settings. Reading the manual will make you a better image taker and help you stay clear of making funny mistakes.

Taking bad photos can be really worrisome, but with a bit of practice and some training, you can improve. You must be prepared to do your homework on the subject, and ask for constructive feedback from others. These short tips should help you to strengthen the standard of your work, but this does depend upon you practising hard!

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Author: Patricia Warren

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