Why Corporations are Switching to Cloud Email Archiving?

Author: Audrian Cambell | Posted in: Data Recovery

January 30,2013

Is your company similar to typical corporations out there and operating primarily on email correspondence? Studies have revealed that employees of corporate houses received and sent more than hundred mails per day. This was the record of the year 2011. If we look back at 2009, you will be surprised to know that at least 247 billion messages were sent on every working day. This figure has been projected to shoot up by 507 billion in this year. So, you understand why corporates are opting for cloud email archiving. Let’s have a look at the benefits.

Protected Communication
With volumes of mails increasing exponentially, it’s crucial to have in-built email continuity system for the protection of such high volumes of emails. This is imperative for business continuity in case your company faces situations like server failure or any other technical snags. With open source email archiving, your corporate operations doesn’t come to a standstill but run smoothly. With an in-built system, you have access to all crucial information 24 hours a day, and seven days a week.

No corporation likes to get sued. Then, it’s no use escaping reality because lawsuits are too common in the United States of America, be it for justified or unjustified reasons. This is where the significance of an all-encompassing e-discovery solution comes into the picture. It will immensely benefit your organization as you will be well prepared with all litigation related details should anyone decides to take you to a court of law. This is particularly applicable for enterprises that are strictly governed by SEC, HIPPA, and GLBA.

Boosts Server Performance
The best part of archiving is that it lessens the excessive burden on your servers. With proper backups and restore, it significantly boosts your company’s server performance. It is also cost-effective with per month and per mailbox cost structure. There is no need for you to buy exorbitantly priced software or hardware. The archive is systematic and organized allowing your IT staff to concentrate on vital business goals instead of wasting time managing the systems needed to run it.

Effective Management of Mailbox and Storage
When a multinational concern is burdened with incessant messages, effectual mail archive software comes to the rescue by simplifying the mail box management process. It helps the IT team to get rid of NSF or PST files lessening escalating storage costs with infinite storage choices.

Complete Monitoring
When you are switching to cloud based platform, it not only means that all outgoing and incoming mails are monitored, but your company’s internal messages are meticulously checked and examined. This is a boon to your business when it comes to maintaining compliance with regard to government protocols, as well as internal corporate policies.

So, it doesn’t really matter as to which industry your organization is catering to, or the number of employees you have in your payroll. If you are not implementing cloud email archiving, your establishment is vulnerable to tremendous risks such as being caught in legal battles, skyrocketing e-discovery expenses, exhaustion of storage space, and losing significant data.

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Author: Audrian Cambell

Audrian Cambell has been a company head and he knows how cloud email archiving software works to help you maintain your emails storage and makes your job fast and easier. Here he wants to share his knowledge about mail archive software and how it helps you and your organization to access emails easily.

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