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January 12,2012

Learning the language on daily basis: Learning a foreign language courses in Mumbai is different from any other course you have taken; you must study every day. It needs dedication. You can’t expect to do well or come close to learning the language if you are not serious about it. So make it a point of revising and repeating what you learn. Learn at least one new word every day. You can join foreign language classes in Mumbai for the same and then practice what is taught to you on daily basis.

Professors in language classes are like friends: If you have joined language classes in Mumbai to learn a language, do not be afraid of your professor. Most of them want to help you grow. Usually language classes in Mumbai are decently small sized to maximize practice time for the students, so even if you make a mistake they will help you correct your mistake. Take an advantage of the small sized class in asking questions to your professors regarding the difficulties that you may face while pronouncing any word or phrase and they will help you solve your problem like a friend.

Learn the grammar of the language: Grammar rules are the language’s bones - words are only flesh. You can look up or ask for a vocabulary word, but grammar is basic. You may end up learning many rules intuitively before you understand them logically. Relate new grammatical terms to equivalent features of your own language. Understand the grammatical terms; rather than just memorizing tenses, rules etc. The trick is to memorize by using short sentences and phrases instead of lists of isolated words. At our language classes in Mumbai (at Dadar, Andheri, Borivli, Thane, Ghatkopar and Vashi), we make language learning fun and interesting and also bring in interactive learning sessions to help understand grammar in a better way.

Focus on words and phrases! Build up your vocabulary, you’ll need lots. If necessary divide the words so that it becomes easy to understand a phrase. You can also improve you vocabulary by learning the words and phrases through listening and reading. When you're learning words and phrases use any method which works for you and don't be afraid of trying out different approaches: write them on post-it notes and stick them around the house, record them on cassette etc. At our language classes in Mumbai (at Dadar, Andheri, Borivli, Thane, Ghatkopar and Vashi), we offer well-adapted study material to the students for practicing a foreign language step-by-step.

Immerse yourself in the language: To learn a foreign language, dedication towards learning it on daily basis is very important. Constant or regular exposure to the spoken language will help you recognize grammatical forms of that language at language classes in Mumbai. Try and find as many ways to practice your language as possible like watching foreign movies with subtitles. Prepare yourself for quizzes and play online or offline games that are related to enhancing your language skills.

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Author: Bindas Bol Foreign Language Institute

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