Research Papers and Different Methodology

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January 12,2012

Research methodology is like a road map upon which the whole research journey travels and essentially is a core component of the research paper itself. The method or a process of writing is always provided the overall reliability factor of the study. The methodology helps you to come up with the solution for the problem statement of research assignment. Guidelines are needed for every step of research from data collection to data processing; a methodology gives proper formulation to a particular set of data. There are different research methods like primary research which focuses on original findings, secondary research involves summary and coalition of existing researches, in other disciplines especially in social sciences these types of methodologies are applied according to the subject matters and objective of research.

There are two other research methods Qualitative and Quantitative research. Qualitative method aims to understand human behavior and reason that govern such behaviors and it asks a broad question then searching data and finally analyzes it for searching big themes. Quantitative method is focused upon statistical facts and empirical investigation of quantitative properties and their relationships. All these methodologies possess different kinds of data collecting techniques like in Qualitative research group discussions, field notes, interviews, text, pictures and other materials whereas Quantitative data collection involves use of numbers to assess the information and statistical facts. These methodologies further break down into other branches like experimental, experience, participation and action research methodologies.

A research paper generally comprised of three parts such as introduction, body and conclusion, the research paper methodology is an important part of the main body. This portion deals with the presentation of all the methods implemented in data collection and how actual research has been conducted by the writer. But a particular research methodology should be followed in every phase of research process like in data collection, data sampling, data analysis and correct interpretation of analyzed data. There are various methods to do these tasks and it totally depends upon the researcher that what type of methodology he or she considers to be the best for his or her research.

After the selection of methodology next step is to collect data according to the obligations and rules of selected methodology. Data can be gathered through different means like by direct observation or experiments, also through surveys and interviews and through library and electronic database but these means are applied according to the methodology. After collecting data within the limit of an applied methodology, next step is to analyze all the facts and collected data and correct interpretation of data.

Analysis of data can be done through various methods like descriptive or comparative methods, some analysis processes involve different analytical software like NViVo in qualitative research method and SPSS in Quantitative data analysis. In Academic research analysis is originated with the help of different literary evidence and facts but through manual and intellectual means. After this process result or conclusion needs to be presented in a sequential manner that the reader understands the entire picture of what the researcher has done. The selection and application of research methodology involves an in depth concentration but it gives a comprehensive and complete meaning to the study

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