Equity Mortgage Release Wishes you a Happy Retirement

Author: Dorthy Williams | Posted in: Mortgage

October 18,2011

Can you think of living a happy retirement life? It is really tough to consider this, especially during this rising economical situation. Moreover, the often returning recession and inflation is making it more impossible to lead a happy life depending upon the little amount of pension. Why don’t you go for equity mortgage release ? Yes, these retirement solutions provided by the equity release companies are really beneficial for the elderly for living a life without worrying about budget and cost cuttings.

What equity mortgage release is for?

Ok, let me explain it in simple words. In this world everything works on give and take policy. The first considerable thing here is that you live on a property that has a value. But, because you are living on it you certainly cannot sell it to cash the valuation. Here, equity release works behalf of you to get you benefits.

Equity release companies enable you to access a certain amount of money from the valuation of your property without selling it till you die. They lend you huge amount of money by letting you live in the property and instead they sell the property after the death of the owner to get back the amount they have lent. A simple profit making business from which both the parties gets benefits.

How to go for equity mortgage release ?

Since, the dealing involves your property or you can say your lifetime asset in it, you should approach in a systematical way.

Standing in the era of internet, you should not worry about researching on the topic deeply. Just go online, type the words on the leading search engines, like: goggle, yahoo, MSN, etc. You will easily get to know about different schemes, their terms and conditions, market condition etc.

You can surely take help of an equity release calculator for calculating the approximate amount you can release on your property.

If you have done with your home works, then call a financial adviser. He or she will definitely help you to get the best plan according to your financial needs, property and market conditions.

Different equity release companies have their own terms and conditions. Some of the criteria you need to fulfill are:

You must be above 55 years old.

You must be an owner of a property.

Your property must have standard construction in UK.

Your property should have a value more than £75,000 (conditional)

Fulfilling these criteria you will be able to access the unlimited pleasure of releasing equity on your property.

What are the benefits of equity mortgage release?

You receive a huge amount to spend on whatever you want.

It reduces inheritance tax.

You can continue to live on your own land.

No dependency on others.

Freedom of accessing desires.

Equity release companies have different schemes, such as: lifetime mortgages, home reversion plans, interest only plans, shared appreciation mortgages, etc. You can go for any of this depending on your financial needs. So, what are waiting for? Access the tension free life with equity mortgage release.

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Author: Dorthy Williams

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