A Comprehensive Representation on Equity Release

Author: Dorthy Williams | Posted in: Mortgage

October 18,2011

A security is something for which we all thrive for. We work, we learn or we earn all for securing a future. But, tell me something, is your life always follow your commands? No, this isn’t possible. You cannot attain everything you want. But, now a little extra effort can help you to secure your future after retirement. Yes, I am talking about equity release. It can avail you financial assistance as well as a mental peace of life. Before you apply for releasing equity, it is better to take help of an equity release calculator.

What is equity release?

It is a process of cash in a lump sum amount which is locked in the valuation of your property. If you don’t have any heirs to look after your tired limbs and emotions then these are the best ways of getting financial security.

What are the criteria for applying to it?

The elderly must be of 55 years of old at least.

They must be an owner of a property.

The property must have right construction.

What are the different equity release plans?

Lifetime mortgages

Home-reversion plans

Interest only plans

Shared appreciation mortgage

Home income plan

What is an equity release calculator ?

It is a calculating device that can give you the assumption of the amount that you can release on equity. It is more or less works as other calculators.

How to use an equity release calculator?

First, you have log in to your net connection. Yes, these kinds of calculators are easily available online.

Then typing the term in the leading search engines, like: Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. search for it.

You will get to see a bunch of web pages offering you the facility.

You can click on any of these sites for knowing your answer. But, it is better if you first go through some of these to pick the best out of the bunch.

After getting the calculator, you will get hold of bunch of questions along with blank spaces.

Fill the blank space for registering your answer. The questions will be like:



-Residential & e-mail address,

- Total area of your property etc.

Just press enter; you will get to know your answer within a moment.

What are the benefits of equity release?

It avails you a tension free retirement life.

You will be able to receive a tax-free income for the rest of your life or a handful of cash amount.

You can plan-up for long vacations or can do anything that you always have dreamt of doing.

It can help you with your nursing home bills as well as other such requirements.

Before you apply for any of the equity release plans, you must contact a provider who can make you aware of the schemes properly. Take help of an equity release provider in such a circumstance. Make your choice according to your financial needs and property condition and enjoy its benefits for the rest of the life.

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Author: Dorthy Williams

Dorthy is a content writer on equity release calculator solutions. He has good knowledge on equity release. For more information he recommends to visit http://www.therightequityrelease.co.uk/

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