Articles of Book Marketing; 80 Articles Should Your Book Editor Be An Author-

Author: Susan Malone | Posted in: Book Marketing

March 14,2014

Do book editors have to be authors themselves to successfully edit? It depends upon what sort of editing we’re talking about. For copyeditors and proofers, no, although it often helps with idioms and the like. A firm grasp on grammar, syntax, spelling, of course is a must, but having writ.. Read More

Keywords : Novel editor, developmental editor, book editor, book development, best book editor,

Importance of Reading Kindle Books Online

Author: Gracie Moore | Posted in: Book Marketing

February 03,2014

This is the era of advanced technologies. A wide gamut of new gadgets serving disparate objectives, indistinctive shapes and sizes can be found. There are portable computers like laptops, tablets, various kinds of smart phones and so on. These devices are highly portable and can be used in the .. Read More

Keywords : kindle books, amazon kindle books, christian kindle books, kindle ebooks, audio books, Christian audio books, 5 Tips To Avoid Crossing Writing-Genres

Author: Susan Mary Malone | Posted in: Book Marketing

November 20,2013

Traditional publishing is rigidly structured. No news flash there! But the stratification and specs of categories often bumfuzzle writers. And since I’ve just had this come up several times in the last week, thought we’d talk about it here. So often writers want to include everybody.. Read More

Keywords : Novel editor, novel development, book editor, book author, book writing, Does Quality Matter In Books Today?

Author: Susan Mary Malone | Posted in: Book Marketing

August 20,2013

If so, why? With the seismic shift in publishing these days, and the reality that virtually anyone can publish a book, one of the odd changes has of course been that the gatekeepers no longer exist. I.e., you don’t have to impress agents and publishing-house novel editors to see your book.. Read More

Keywords : novel editors, book development, book writing, novel development, book author,

How to Create Stunning and Attractive Digital Magazine

Author: merryflip | Posted in: Book Marketing

May 16,2013

When it comes to a digital magazine software, we often refer to the flipping book publishing software or tool that allows you to batch create flash page flip digital publications from PDF files, image files or MS office files. It's generally assumed that it's a publishing solution to ma.. Read More

Keywords : online magazine software, digital magazine software, e magazine software, digital magazine creator, 5 Things That Make A Book Compelling

Author: Susan Mary Malone | Posted in: Book Marketing

March 18,2013

It’s funny what draws us to a book. But even those we wait for with great anticipation often disappoint. More to the point is what causes one to take hold of us, to think about long after turning the final page. The characters, the story, the voice; that unique something, which grabs us a.. Read More

Keywords : Novel editor, novel development, developmental editor, editing a book, book development,

General Medicine Education Publishing Market

Author: sandhya nair | Posted in: Book Marketing

January 15,2013

General Medicine or internal medicine is a branch of medicine which deals with the prevention, diagnosis and subsequent treatment of adult diseases. The specialists who deal with this branch of medicine are called “internists” and ones who work with children are called pediatricians.. Read More

Keywords : Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Market Data, Market Research Reports, To Conference Or Not To Conference

Author: Susan Mary Malone | Posted in: Book Marketing

December 28,2012

Writer’s conferences abound. And it’s tough sometimes to know at the onset whether a conference would pay dividends, at this specific time in your writing career. A., most cost a pretty shiny penny, and B., also require time and often travel. So, to go or not to go? My writers ask me all the time w.. Read More

Keywords : Book editing services, developmental editor, book development, novel editor, editing a book,

Book Marketing and Book Promotion Tips

Author: Melissa Henderson | Posted in: Book Marketing

December 05,2012

Nothing is more important to the success of your literary masterpiece than book marketing and book promotion. After all, how will people buy your book if they don't even know about it? That's why it's important to get the word out and create interest. These tips can help writers ensure that their bo.. Read More

Keywords : Book Marketing, Book Promotion Tips,

Sourced Media Books -From a writer to a published author

Author: Jacks Sparrow | Posted in: Book Marketing

December 05,2012

Are you a freelance writer, blogger or someone who just loves putting pen to paper? If yes, are you dreaming of taking the next step and getting published? You are in the right place! is the answer you have been seeking! Our goal is to get budding writers from being an unpu.. Read More

Keywords : Sourced Media Books, published author,

Food Cookbooks: In the mood for food this festive season

Author: Mauli Sharma | Posted in: Book Marketing

December 05,2012

Festive season has arrived with Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Christmas & New year and we all know that the festive season is all about holidays & delicious foods. Holidays are the time you look forward to good times with the dear ones and enjoying food that is a holiday special. The classic Rum Cake or the .. Read More

Keywords : Food Cookbooks, food, festive season,

Enjoying Christmas at the White House

Author: jenniferpickens | Posted in: Book Marketing

December 05,2012

Although dashing through the snow towards the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue property that the world calls the White House might get you tackled by Secret Service or put on a watch list, one can still enjoy reminiscing how Christmas at the White House has become something nationally covered like the World.. Read More

Keywords : Enjoying Christmas, White House,

Decide Your Kind of Law Books in India

Author: Wilson Roy | Posted in: Book Marketing

December 05,2012

People learning law for all time need law books even after their teaching is total or they earn a degree in law. It seems that a state or a country has laws that be supposed to be follow by every citizen. It is consequently essential that every citizen of the country should know the rules and laws t.. Read More

Keywords : Decide Kind, Law Books India, Structure And The Novel

Author: Susan Mary Malone | Posted in: Book Marketing

November 22,2012

When new writers dive into fiction, mostly they just put words to page. Which is great! It’s the way you have to start. In order to find her voice, a writer must write and write and write. There is no other way. But what results is often a big blob of sprawling pages, where the storyline drifts her.. Read More

Keywords : Book editing services, developmental editor, book development, novel editor, editing a book, Creativity And Editing

Author: Susan Mary Malone | Posted in: Book Marketing

October 22,2012

One of the most important aspects of working with a great book developmental editor is an intangible one. Writing is such a solitary endeavor. We strive, sweating blood and tears and losing pounds of proverbial flesh in the process, wondering whether the work is good or awful, great or terrible; sho.. Read More

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