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Atlanta Photographer – the Professional in Art

Author: Rodney Davis | Posted in: Photography

December 31,2011

At the risk of stating the very obvious, there can be no doubt that photography is a fine art. Life is full of surprises, and it takes the very best to be able to bring the best out of life, capturing the moments as they happen and when they happen. Moments seldom stay on forever, and they would be .. Read More

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Wedding Photography Tips: Secrets of Finding the Best Wedding Photography

Author: Dennyheinonen | Posted in: Photography

November 30,2011

Planning a wedding is a very special time for every couple. It is the time when all their dreams begin to become a reality. This is why it is so important to make sure you hire the very best in wedding photography to capture every moment of your special day. Weddings are an enjoyable, happy event fo.. Read More

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Doc Paulson – 30 Years on the Reef

Author: Steven Smeltzer | Posted in: Photography

November 24,2011

There are other interesting wrecks in Grand Cayman besides the USS Kittiwake. The Doc Polson is a purpose sunk shipwreck on the western part of Grand Cayman. The ship was originally a Japanese cable laying ship and was sunk in Grand Cayman in 1981 to create an artificial reef on Seven Mile beach. T.. Read More

Keywords : Doc Paulson, 30 Years, Reef,

Upload pictures on igambar and let them speak for you

Author: Igambar | Posted in: Photography

November 24,2011

It is very rightly said that one picture can describe a situation far better than a 1000- word article. Our brain quickly catches the message that a picture or a photo image conveys but reading a 1000-word long text context often becomes boring. Increasing practice of uploading, downloading and shar.. Read More

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Professional Photography Services for Three Reasons

Author: ERIN SLOBOGIAN | Posted in: Photography

November 24,2011

We all know that professional photography is far different than the kind of images captured by own. It is not that simple to take quality shots of wedding or other special events without taking help of the person who is professional and experienced in image capturing. Whatever be the kind of event o.. Read More

Keywords : Professional, Photography Services, Three Reasons,

Enhance Your New and Old Photographs by Photo Retouching

Author: Ishaan Kk | Posted in: Photography

November 24,2011

Every person wants to store his memories in snaps. Now the question is that if we have the photos already than why we need Photo Retouching. There are many moments and occasions come in the life of a person of them he wants to pick in photographs. But after a time the photographs became dull or it m.. Read More

Keywords : Enhance, Old Photographs, Photo Retouching,

The Unlimited Scope of Photo Editing

Author: Atiqur Sumon | Posted in: Photography

November 24,2011

Photo Editing Programs There is a choice between doing it yourself and still craving for that particular look’ or simply asking a veteran photo editor to apply his talent. With the existing number of photo editing programs the task is simpler. The word ‘Photoshop’ has become a synonymous with photo.. Read More

Keywords : Unlimited Scope, Photo Editing,

Picture Framing- an Art

Author: Jessica Thomson | Posted in: Photography

November 16,2011

Picture framing is an art, and most of us are not aware of this fact. We take is as a minor work, but picture framing requires a lot of precision and artistic skills. There are many things involved in picture framing and therefore picture frames are so important. They have to suit the picture on whi.. Read More

Keywords : Picture, Framing, Art,

Photography Services Vancouver - Carve a Beautiful Portrait of Your Wedding Day

Author: ERIN SLOBOGIAN | Posted in: Photography

November 16,2011

A Wedding is the ceremony in which two people are united in marriage. And hence, a Wedding day is considered to be the most special day in anyone’s life. As it comes only once in a lifetime, it makes people go crazy with joy, happiness and excitement when they are going to tie their nuptial knot. It.. Read More

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Ideas for a Better Portrait Photograph

Author: Thakur7 | Posted in: Photography

November 16,2011

Whenever you click a photograph for anyone they believe in you that you will give them the best shot. Beauty is not only in the subject but also in your hands and the way you think to click a photograph. A perfect shot can be taken by following few steps or by keeping few things to do in mind. Mind.. Read More

Keywords : a Better, Portrait, Photograph,

Katch Photography’s wedding photography Coventry service is second to none

Author: Jessica Thomson | Posted in: Photography

November 16,2011

So you’ve booked the venue, organised the guest list and seating arrangements, chosen the menu and decided on the bridal party and yet you cannot find a creative wedding photography Coventry service then look no further than Kach Photography. Here at Kach Photography we have a wealth of experience .. Read More

Keywords : Katch Photography’s, wedding photography, Coventry service, second to none,

Tips for High Quality Portrait Photography Services Vancouver

Author: ERIN SLOBOGIAN | Posted in: Photography

November 16,2011

Process of capturing the likeness of an individual or a small group of people with main focus on face and expressions is known as portrait photography or portraiture. Major objective behind this type of photography is to display the likeness, personality as well as the mood of the subject. Although .. Read More

Keywords : High Quality, Portrait Photography, Services Vancouver,

Use of photo sharing websites

Author: Igambar | Posted in: Photography

November 16,2011

Photo sharing and hosting services provides users with the option to upload photo images and share them with other users. There are lots of websites available which enable users to upload different images for free. The only thing that is required is the registration. User need to sign up in order to.. Read More

Keywords : Use of photo, sharing, websites,

Tips on Pencil Portrait Drawing - The 6 Steps of Portrait Drawing

Author: Remi | Posted in: Photography

October 14,2011

Drawing in always entails 4 distinct elements: line, tone, texture, and form. In the special case of pencil portrait drawing we can refine the list of elements to six: form, proportion, anatomy, texture, tone, and planes. In this commentary we will give a detailed account of each of those penci.. Read More

Keywords : Tips, Pencil, Portrait, Drawing, Portrait, Drawing,

Technique for Most Excellent Photography Australia

Author: Markzissis | Posted in: Photography

October 06,2011

Often a person visiting this site may not be familiar with the difference between an original Fine Art Prints and other business forms. An engraving by Goya or Rembrandt or Durer engraving prints is significantly different from a reproduction of a photograph or other means. We provide what we believ.. Read More

Keywords : Technique, Most Excellent, Photography Australia,

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